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Children's car seat: Safety first

For children up to 12 years or up to a height of 150 cm, a child safety seat is required by law. It doesn't matter if you attach the children's car seat in the front or in the back. However, keeping the child on the back seats is considered particularly safe. Also note that carrying a child in an infant carrier installed in a rearwards direction, is only allowed with an inactive passenger airbag.

When choosing a suitable car seat for children, there is a lot to consider: starting with the right product group to matching fastening systems right through to a design that will suit the child's anatomy. With the following car seat guide, we will navigate you safely to your destination - to a child seat that suits your needs. 

Children's car seat: models for different age groups

Crucial for the right car seat are size, weight and the age of your child. The interaction of these factors results in the right child car seat model. There is a rough classification of the various car seat groups, but the manufacturer's specifications are decisive. 

The following categorization is common:

  • Child seat group 0: for newborns and babies up to approximately 18 months or up to a weight of 13 kg. The child seat for the little ones is also called infant carrier.
  • Child seat group 1: for infants from about 9 months to about 4 years with a weight of 9 to 18 kg.
  • Child seat group 2 and child seat group 3: for children from 3 to 12 years and a weight of 15 to 36 kg. 

XOMAX infant carrier: gentle protection for the little ones

The XOMAX infant carrier belongs to the car seat group 0 / 0+ and is suitable for infants up to 15 months and a weight of up to 13 kg. The baby car seat convinces with good ergonomics: the equipment includes a soft 3-point safety belt, side impact protection, extra upholstery for lying and sitting as well as a breathable cover. The child seat cover is washable: a gentle hand wash is recommended. For heavier stains, the baby car seat cover can be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees. The car seat comes with a pivoted, removable sun canopy for protection against direct sunlight. The adjustable carrying handle is especially practical: the position can be adjusted by pushing in the side buttons. This way the XOMAX infant carrier can be converted into a baby rocker with swinging function.

Xomax children's car seat: functional passenger

With our car seat you drive well: suitable for groups 1 to 3 or for children with a weight of 9 kg to 36 kg and an age of 1 to 12 years, this seat is a pragmatic all-rounder. The equipment hardly leaves anything to be desired in terms of security: side impact protection, belt tensioner, 

padded armrests and side walls ensure a comfortable ride. The special top tether hook of the car seat provides more grip: this technical term refers to additional anchoring points at different positions behind the rear seats of a car.  

For older children, the 5-point safety belt for group 1 can be replaced by the car seat belt. The backrest can be removed: This way, the car child seat turns into a comfortable booster cushion for children with a weight from 15 kg (so from child seat group 2). The children's car seat hybrid model trumps with an adjustable headrest: the height can be adjusted with a simple flick of the wrist - the child seat grows with the child. Another advantage: the angle of inclination of the children's seat backrest can be adjusted to the angle of the car seat. The child seat has breathable, removable covers that can be cleaned by hand and machine wash (up to 30 degrees). 

The Xomax children's seat for cars is certified by the ECE R 44/04 and permitted by law. The abbreviation stands for Economic Commission for Europe, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, which sets the criteria for the seal of approval. The standard identification ECE R 44/04 stands for the new generation of child seats. 

The Isofix children's car seat of XOMAX with the highest safety standards

Each children's seat with Isofix meets current safety requirements. The Isofix children's seat has sturdy hooks and standardized beltline hooks that are firmly attached to the bodywork of the vehicle. In addition to the attachment of a children's car seat with a standard three-point belt, the innovative attachment method is considered very safe and easy to handle - assuming, your car is equipped with appropriate Isofix rails. The special feature of a children's car seat with Isofix is the rigid connection with the car body: when installed correctly, it's impossible that the seat gets out of place. You can easily check if you have secured the Isofix seat properly: If you cannot turn or tilt the seat any longer, you have succeeded in installing it correctly. 

Buy children's car seats online on iKOOF

In our shop you will find a wide range of modern and reliable children's car seats. You can get your new steady passenger in various designs and colors. When ordering a car seat in our webstore, you benefit from fast delivery. Whether it is an infant carrier for the youngest or a children's seat for older children. 

With us you can easily buy a children's car seat: we offer you the payment methods PayPal and bank transfer. Within Germany, the payment method cash on delivery is possible as well. If you do not like your new Isofix children's car seat or infant carrier, you can make use of our one-month right of revocation and return the child seat to us free of charge.