Dining chairs


The chair serves our physical and mental needs in rest, relaxation, eating and working much more comprehensively than any other piece of furniture.

Here you will find the most modern models of dining chairs, gaiming chairs, office chairs that not only fit very well in your room, cabinet or flat, but also create a cosy atmosphere. Depending on your taste, we also offer a wide range of colours of dining chairs, gaiming chairs, office chairs.

Dining chairs

The dining chair is often a point of pride for people who like to have guests over for dinner. A great benefit of a great dining chair is the ability to seat everyone comfortably. Dining chairs differ not only in material, but also in shape, type and dimensions. Each material has its properties and advantages.  We present the following materials of dining chairs:

Seat cover: imitation leather (100% polyurethane).

Frame: beech wood, metal

Seat shell: polypropylene

Wooden dining chairs are perfect for a home that has a traditional look and feel, especially when surrounded by other wooden furniture. You can get them with or without wooden arms or upholstered seats and backs, depending on how formal you want it to be. Wooden dining chairs can easily withstand the stresses of daily use and are guaranteed to remain functional for a very long time. The right coating will protect them from fungal and termite infestation and is sure to remain functional and beautiful for a very long period of time. Wooden chairs are generally weather resistant. Even if you forget them outside while spending quality time with your friends, the weather will not harm the chairs.

Metal dining chairs have a modern look, so they can update any room. They're also usually lightweight, so you can easily pick them up and move them to another room or even outside if you need to. And they're easy to keep clean, as you can simply wipe down the metal surface to remove spills.

A key advantage of dining chairs with faux leather seat covers is that it is more affordable than leather. It is also more durable and easy to clean as it is non-porous. This makes it easier to wipe off liquids, dirt and other debris without staining the seat upholstery. Although some faux leather seats have small holes to help them breathe, the material tends to soak up liquid less easily, making it easy to clean up spills or water. A big advantage is that faux leather does not fade with age. Faux leather seats are more durable and resistant to scratches. 

Specialists advise buying dining chairs with a seat height between 40 and 50 cm so that chairs match the other furnishings in the kitchen. All our dining chairs have a seat height of approx. 43 cm, which guarantees good furnishing in any dining room.

After you have chosen chairs in the right material that you want most for your dining room, focus on the design. This means looking for colours and patterns that best suit your home. If most of your furniture pieces and the paint on your walls are neutral colours, you might want beige, white or tan chairs for your dining room. Of course, this could also be a good time to line the room with chairs in teal, red or another shade.

With us, you can choose 2,4,6,8 dining chairs of a particular model, depending on your choice.