Service for sellers

iKOOF Marketplace

At iKOOF Marketplace you can sell your products internationally. We create catalogue and promote your products internationally.
iKOOF offers traders the possibility of fast international growth with the help of an automatic content creation tool with translation function. The internal partner programme enables new sales opportunities throughout Europe. As a multi-channel platform, iKOOF brings together online merchants from a wide range of categories and offers new markets in the European trading area. 
iKOOF offers favourable conditions for online traders
The iKOOF online marketplace is a perfect e-commerce solution for both newcomers and established shops with a larger customer base. 

We offer you the following advantages:
free start without any time expenditure
we take care of product catalogue creation and other settings  
customer payments directly to your account via PayPal, Amazon Payment, Klarna etc.
-200€ budget as a gift for your advertising campaign
incl. marketing in 17 EU countries and social media
Contact with the seller via internal chat system
international support service on request
Synchronisation of data via CSV or API (API currently for Plentymarkets, Afetbuy and JTL)
Marketing of your products
Our marketing tool works according to the principles of an affiliate system, is fully automatic and free of charge for merchants and webmasters.  

And this is how it works:
Contact us. You get access data for the backend 
At the same time we create product catalogues
CSV file with price and inventory data  
Entry of shipping and payment data 
There are some requirements for selling via our platform:
Business registration
Secure customer communication
Good accessibility (by telephone and e-mail) 
No sale of articles from prohibited categories
Official EAN (GTIN) for all products
If you as a trader want to reach new markets in Europe and are looking for a beneficial and successful partnership - iKOOF-Marketspace is the best solution for you!